We propose a journey to Tanzania to young people, groups, and every friend of Aid for life who wishes to live a summer travel experience, to know a missionary reality and to see with his own eyes the involvement and the activities of Aid for life in Tanzania. We travel in small groups and the journey lasts about 15 days, on dates to be defined according to availability and work in progress in Mapinga.

Aid for life takes care of all the logistic organization (tickets, insurances, entry visa, preparation and training course, etc.) and of accompanying you there. Tanzania is a country of a thousand faces and world records. It is situated on the east coast of Africa, known above all for the incomparable varied beauty, the natural parks, including the famous Serengeti, the volcanoes, as Kilimanjaro, but also for the beautiful beaches overlooking the Indian Ocean.

It is a politically stable and peaceful country of enormous natural wealth and yet ranked among the ten poorest countries in the world. Our travel proposal aims to promote the encounter with the missionary reality, with the Tanzanian population and culture as opportunities for personal growth and as a gift.

Before leaving there will be a training course to know each other and form a group, reflect on our expectations and motivations, on the matters of poverty and the north-south imbalance in the world, on what it means to meet people of different cultures (acceptance, listening, respect, humility) and on the meaning of mission and solidarity.

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