Every day in Italy 13 thousand quintals of bread end up in the garbage. Italians throw out about 65 kilos each of food still edible every year. Considering food lost in the food supply chain and at home, the total spending related to food waste is more than € 15 billion per year . The economic damage is of about $ 2.600 billion globally. Food waste also contributes to climate change (generating 8% of annual greenhouse gas emissions), to overexploitation of land (28% of that available in the world is used to produce food that then is not consumed) and to food insecurity in areas of the world already at risk of social inequality. The most wasted food is the fresh one, potentially more perishable, as fruit, vegetables, milk and dairy products. Particularly, fruit and vegetables we throw out every year require more than 73 million cubic meters of water to be produced. A huge number, if you think that with the same amount you could fill 80 olympic swimming pools a day.

Aid for life has always been committed to the fight against waste , through withdrawal and distribution of surplus products at some local grocery shop and supermarket at the end of the day, with the precious collaboration of the parish Caritas of Santa Maria del Soccorso in Cura. This involves the availability of volunteers, to serve throughout the year.

If anyone would like to help, can contact

Barbara Lanzi at +39 392 23 66 908/+39 349 75 07 054

or send a mail to

​Moreover on our territory we carry on small actions in support of vulnerable situations. On recommendation and in collaboration with Social Services of Vetralla , we helped indigent families with problems of eviction or in precarious housing situations, in finding new and more suitable accomodation , helping them even directly, through the supply of essential goods and, when possible, finding them a little employment . Our associates and friends collaboration is therefore essential in order to help.