Burundi – Integrated Agricultural Project

The Integrated Agricultural Project (P.A.I), develops in the province of Kirundo, near the agro pastoral center of Mutwenzi.



The PAI’s general objective is to transmit techniques and notions to stimulate individual and social growth within the community and provide concrete food support to the beneficiaries of the SAAF and Villaggio Avvenire Bambini projects. For the construction of the PAI a land of about 2.5 Ha was purchased on which crops are made. In particular, a banana plant was planted, and cassava, maize and sorghum are grown, while in the lower part, near the marsh (malé), vegetables such as aubergines, courgettes and carrots are grown. In addition, shelters have been built on the ground for the breeding of poultry animals (goats, chickens, rabbits). The animals bred, reached the productive / reproductive age, are given to the families sustained. Also on the ground a warehouse was built for the storage of foodstuffs and seeds and an office for technical staff. In the vicinity of the malé, an excavation was carried out (a small well) from which water is pumped for emergency irrigation and for the supply of drinking water to the population of the area. The water is drawn by a pump powered by photovoltaic panels. We installed a pump, solar panels and built a filtration system for water purification. Two further homes near the well are occupied by widows with orphans (beneficiaries who are part of Villaggio Avvenire Bambini). On the roofs of these houses are installed photovoltaic panels protected by iron gratings (very common solution in Burundi). The presence of people and iron grates is a deterrent for theft. The cultivation of the fields and the breeding of the animals are carried out by our beneficiaries and / or by people living in the area. The work is carried out by our local agrotechnics, who have the task of giving people practical training in cultivation and breeding techniques. The training allowed the beneficiaries to acquire agricultural skills and technical skills that can be spent directly, in their future and for their families.