Be the change you want to see in the world! (M.GANDHI)

AID FOR LIFE is a non-profit organization, secular and apolitical,founded in Vetralla (VT) and committed in the fight against poverty since May 2008.

The association was born when Marco Sciarpa and Andrea Vitali, both agronomists and fond of Africa, with other young men from Vetralla and Viterbo, decided to make their dream of helping African poorest people come true, especially in the East of Africa, beginning agricultural and schooling projects, trying to finance themselves with agricultural activity carried out on the territory.

We are a goup of volunteers and friends who put togheter, freely and with all their heart, professional skills, time and love, at the service of the last. We are a very small organization so we have no costs, thanks to donations and volunteer work.

The association is based on universal principles of tolerance and respect for others, especially if poor, miserable, destitute or in conditions of physical, mental or health difficulty.

Our attention is particularly focused on the orphans and the poorest of the poor; for this reason we started our activity in the poorest country in the world, Burundi, realizing the Integrated Agricultural Project and the Avvenire Bambini Village, and later in Congo and in Tanzania, not forgetting the nearest poors, here in our region Alto Lazio.

    • Vanessa Renato
    • Marco Sciarpa
    • Tonino Procaccini
    • Fabio Romani
    • Francesca Lotti
    • Barbara Lanzi
    • Laura Caneva
    • Fabiola Cenci