Burundi – Micro-project S.A.A.F.


Burundi – Microprogetto S.A.A.F. The micro-project s.a.a.f intervenes in favor of poor / very poor families living on agriculture through a participatory and reproducible agricultural support, aimed at food self-sufficiency and the technical training of the recipients. The recipients are families living near the Agro-pastoral Center of Mutwenzi (Kirundo province, Burundi), in which there are one or more orphaned children of one or both parents. Some of these children are part of the distance support project. The interventions are aimed at satisfying food needs through agricultural and micro-breeding activities or more specific needs such as adaptation and renovation of the housing complex. These food requirements are partly supported by foodstuffs produced by the cultivation of the approximately 2.5 hectares of the PAI project and by the supply of poultry animals (hens, goats, rabbits or pigs) coming from our PAI breeding farms. Food aid is essential for the survival of the family and children themselves, as well as the actions taken to restore the roofs of the houses / huts are of vital importance, both during the rainy season and during the rest of the year due to the strong thermal excursion between day and night. The agricultural and breeding activities are followed by two local agrotechnics, who, together with the Italian technicians and coordinated by our local coordinator, provide technical assistance to the families (seeds, tools, animals) and food support (beans, rice, tomato preserves). , drinking water, soy, peanuts, eggs and fruit) in the most critical periods. Every month the coordinator reports to us about the various activities carried out. During all these activities, the agrotechnician will be progressively joined by some of the older children of the families supported who will thus have the opportunity to gain experience in the field of micro-breeding and agriculture. In order to take responsibility for the families who will use this support (animals and / or plants) in various ways, a partial restitution and / or donation to other families in need of plants or animals will be required over time, “as we have been helped, we now help who he needs us more “.