Our attention is particularly focused on the orphans and the poorest of the poor; for this reason we started our activity in the poorest country in the world, Burundi. Here we have brought forward and concluded three projects:


Active projects are:


The main commitment of AID FOR LIFE is in Tanzania where we cooperate with the Carmelite Missionary Sisters of St. Therese of the Child Jesus in building  the School Campus of Mapinga, and particularly a small hospital.

In Tanzania the Mission of the Carmelite Missionary Sisters works in the field of education and training since 1984. The sisters built the Nursery and Primary School in Changombe, just half an hour’s drive from Dar es Salaam. To ensure continuity in the studies, they thought of building the School Campus in Mapinga, including secondary and higher school, for  young people aged 13 to 18. In this school, which is located in a rural district 35 km far from Dar es Salaam, 800 students, coming from everywhere in Tanzania, will be able to study; young people who cannot pay school fees will be  free admitted and students of different religions will be welcomed as well.

According to the local government laws, opening a new school requires the presence of a medical dispensary; for this reason and to satisfy a need of the Mapinga community, extremely poor and without health care at present, we decided to carry out an important health project.


In Congo Aid for Life supports the work of sister Marie Judith Mafuoa. In Butembo, in the north of Kivu, a very suffering area of the country, sister Judith is carrying out her apostolate tenderly taking care of street children, orphans and abandoned young people. They are guests of the small House of the Divine Providence and of the Mapendo House. In a land which is torn apart by continuous violence, suffering and which is now struck by a tragic Ebola epidemic, sister Judith carries on the Mission with the basic help of the Combonian Missionary, father Eliseo Tacchella and the support of friends and benefactors.


In Burundi Aid for Life started its activity in 2008 creating in Kirundo, in the north of the country: the Integrated Agricultural Project (P.A.I.), the Children Future Village (Villaggio Avvenire Bambini)  and the micro-project SAAF. Today it cooperates with the Burundian Association SADV (Solidarité pour l’Auto-Développement des Vulnérables) started in Cibitoke, by the Burundian priest and friend Audace Ndayishimiye. The Solidarity Chain for the Self-Development of the Poor in Burundi is an agricultural and breeding project with the purpose of creating work, improve life conditions of the vulnerable ones and to provide micro-financing as chains of solidarity. In particular, we have contributed to create a pig-breeding and we are working on a micro-project for the processing of agricultural products. Animals breeding allows every family to own a little pig, extending the help to an always bigger number of families in need, creating a real solidarity chain and providing organic fertilizer, essential for agricultural activity.


A solidarity act that allows an orphan or a child in need, to be helped to grow in his/her own country. We take special care that the children can attend school and complete their education,  because we think it is essential for their future.


Small activities focused on vulnerable situations and persistent efforts to fight against waste.


Cultural initiatives for all ages on the themes of peace and global education.

AID FOR LIFE is an association founded in Vetralla (Viterbo) in 2008 and committed in the fight against poverty.

The association  is based on universal principles of tolerance and respect for others, especially if poor, miserable, destitute or in conditions of physical, mental or health difficulty.  Our attention is particularly focused on the orphans and the poorest of the poor.

We are a group of friends and volunteers who put togheter freely and with all their hearts, professional skills, time and love, to serve the last ones.